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Building an evidence based practical guide to Large Scale Interventions. Towards sustainable organisational change with the whole system.

A practical guide for sustainable organisational change with the participative approach Large Scale Interventions, based on six years of academic research. Published by Eburon, Delft, March 2011. More information, reviews and ordering

“If there are more dilemmas of this work than the ones you have collected, I can’t imagine what they are. I believe that with the guide, and your interactive meetings, you have made a major contribution to the discussion of Large Group Interventions.” 
– Marvin Weisbord, founding father of Future Search, writer of the bestseller Productive Workplaces



  • Large Scale Interventions, a participative approach for change (2005 – present)Online guide to LSI. Published by Tonnie van der Zouwen in English and Dutch on
  • Learning Histories (2005- present)Online guide to Learning Histories as method for participative change. Publication by Tonnie van der Zouwen, see