Welcome to Dr. Tonnie van der Zouwen MCM

Specialist in involving stakeholders for organisational and system change. Professor Sustainable Working and Organising and independant consultant. She builds bridges between theoretical knowledge and practical experience, and between organisations and challenging issues in society. Of interest for leaders and professionals who want to collaborate on complex issues across the borders of silos, disciplines and organisations. Tonnie is known in interanational networks as an expert concerning effective use of Large Scale Interventions, an approach for creating fast and sustainable change with large groups of stakeholders.

Tonnie is the author of several books and articles on Action Research, co-creation and Large Scale Interventions. She provides courses and workshops for teachers in higher educaton, (student) professionals, and researchers in doing Action Research and co-creative change.

“Scientific understanding and practical experience are like two legs without which we cannot walk”

(Francisco Varela)

Experience report Wise Action and Uncertainty. What do you do when you don't know what to do?

Experience report of the 5-day conference on ‘Wise Action and Uncertainty. What do you do when you don’t know what to do’

Practical guide to change with the whole system of stakeholders. Developed in 7 years of inquiries in theory and practice. 

Participative change

Facilitating participative organisational change.  When you need each other for success.

Consultancy and Research

Walking on the two legs of scientific understanding and practical experience. Evidence Based Consultancy, research on sustainable working and organising.


Educating and guiding professionals in organising interaction and participation. Learning how to cook with the principles for cocreation with the whole system of stakeholders. Applying Action Research in higher education.

Lecturer and teacher

Get inspired by the Logic of Feeling, by experiences with Evidence Based Consultancy, the wisdom of large groups,