Workshop Anticipating the future with the whole system

Co-creating new structures for collaboration

Whenever you have 8 to 20 participants we will plan the workshop

 A two-and-a-half day interactive training workshop, offering a unique mix of theory and practice. For facilitators and leaders who want to learn when and how applying the principles of co-creation enables an organisation or community to anticipate the future by creating new structures for collaboration. Presented by Dr. Tonnie van der Zouwen MCM.

Keywords: Futuring, involving large groups of stakeholders in transformational change, being a bodily creature and the role of feeling, Theory U & Presencing, Large Scale Interventions, Co-Creation, participation, collaboration, systems thinking, action learning, sensemaking, inviting the “right” people, working with a diverse planning team, distributed leadership, self-management.

Goals of the workshop

  • Learning when and how the principles of co-creation can create effective collaboration across boundaries of departments, functions, disciplines, organisations.
  • “Cooking with the principles”: Developing methodological reasoning in planning a participative change process to create new structures for collaboration; how to translate a set of principles into an effective process.
  • Insight in developments in whole systems working, relations between Large Scale Interventions, Theory U, the Logic of Feeling and latest insights from neurobiology.
  • Understanding of how you can anticipate the future with the whole system by increasing awareness and learning to see more possibilities for action.
  • Awareness of how this whole system approach can be applied in your own practice.
  • Expanding your intervention repertoire for working interactively with (large groups of) stakeholders.


  • Why does it work? Underlying theory and principles:
    • Large Scale Interventions (LSI) as approach for transformational change, anticipating the future with the whole system.
    • Being a bodily creature and the central role of feelings in sensemaking. Explanations from neurobiology, zoology and knowledge theory the Logic of Feeling.
    • Connections to Theory U and Presencing.
  • Planning and designing the process, working with a diverse planning group.
  • Methods and techniques for Co-creation and for productive meetings with large groups of stakeholders (20 – > 1000 participants).
  • Establishing distributed leadership: The role of participants, formal leaders, and facilitators.
  • Possibilities for application in your own practice.

 Methods and setting:

  • Mix of theory and practice, with an alternation of individual, small group and whole group working.
  • Presentation and discussion.
  • Mini labs: Experience interactive work forms and the influence of setting and atmosphere. Interactive agenda setting, involving feelings & thoughts, creating a shared frame of reference, exploring & sharing ideas, futuring & prototyping, discovering common ground, action planning. Alternation of individual, small group and whole group work.
  • Reflection on experiences, connecting them with your own practice.
  • Group size: 8 to 20 participants.
  • Language: English and whisper translation into German if required.
  • Experienced Leaders and Creators of all fields.


Two and a halve consecutive days.


To be determined.

Cost and registration

€ 1.200,- (excl. VAT) per person. Food and lodging not included. Or a fixed total prize when organized incompany.

For more information contact Tonnie van der Zouwen:, tel. +31 6 50 69 79 82