Videos on What to do when we don’t know what to do?

What do we DO when we don’t know what to do? Six experienced and wise participants held an 18 minute TED-like talk at the COS Conference 2017, 18 – 22 October in the Netherlands. See the videos. Still very relevant and inspiring when you feel the world has gone mad.

Transforming Whole Systems

By Sandra Janoff, director Future Search Network

Unravelling human situatedness through art

By Michel van Dartel, research professor at CARADT

The knowing is in the doing

By Doris Gotlieb, trainer and facilitator

Journalism in a world gone mad

By Peggy Holman, director at Journalism That Matters

Language as a Web

By Monika Lindner, trainer focusing

Anchors to stability and security in times of upheavel

By Amos Dotan, researcher at WaveiP