Networks I (co-)initiated:

COS: Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids. An open LinkedIn group, part of a growing discourse for reflective hybrids connecting theory and practice for dealing with challenges in organisations and society.

Research LSI: A platform for researchers, practitioners and clients about effectiveness of LSI.

Praktijk LSI (Practice LSI) nl: A private LinkedIn group for alumni of the LSI trainings and workshops, for sharing knowledge and experiences

Logica van het gevoel (Logic of Feeling)nl: Meeting space for people who work with the thoughts of  Arnold Cornelis for developing communicative self steering capacity.

Networks I participate in:

FSN: World wide network of users of Future Search, a method for cooperative planning with stakeholders

Open Space World:  World wide network of users of Open Space Technology, a method for working productively with large groups

World Café Community: World wide network of users of  The World Café,  a powerful social technology for engaging people in conversations that matter

AOM: Academy of Management, the largest network for connecting management scholarship

Ooa nl: Dutch Consultancy Order

Sol Global: Society for Organizational Learning, an intentional learning community composed of organizations, individuals, and local SoL communities around the world.