My inspiration comes from a variety of disciplines and sources. In particular:

Knwoledge theory and human beings as bodily creatures
  • Arnold Cornelis: De logica van het gevoel; stabiliteitslagen in de cultuur als nesteling der emoties nl
  • Gregory Bateson: Mind and Nature; A Necessary Unit
  • Frans de Waal: Our inner ape
  • Humberto Maturana & Francisco Varela: The tree of knowledge; biological roots of human understanding
  • Antonio Damasio: Self comes to mind; constructing the conscious brain
Sociology, cultural anthropology and social psychology
  • Eduard T. Hall: The dance of life
  • Karl Weick: Sensemaking in organizations.
  • Ralph Stacey: Strategic management and organisational dynamics
  • Alain de Vulpian: Listening to ordinary people
  • Martin Buber: I and Thou
Systems thinking and complexity theory
  • Peter Checkland:  Soft Systems Methodology in action
  • Peter Senge: The fifth discipline
  • Jac Vennix: Group Model Building
  • David Bohm: Wholeness and the implicate order
Organisation science
  • Jac Geurts: Intervention model; supervisor PhD research
  • Jaap Boonstra: Book Dynamics in organisations; chair of the research platform at Sioo
  • Jeff Conklin: Dialogue mapping; building shared understanding of wicked problems
  • André Wierdsma: Co-creatie van verandering
  • Marvin Weisbord: Productive Workplaces (third edition).
  • Marvin Weisbord & Sandra Janoff: Future Search (third edition)
  • Marvin Weisbord & Sandra Janoff: Don’t just do something stand there; Ten principles for leading meetings that matter. Read summary
  • Harrison Owen: Open Space Technology
Collective intelligence
  • Herman van Gunsteren: Vertrouwen in democratie nl
  • James Surowiecki: The wisdom of crowds
Doing qualitative research
  • Harry Wolcott: Writing up qualitative research
  • Michael Patton: Qualitative research and evaluation methods
  • David Erlandson et al: Doing Naturalistic Inquiry
  • Natalie Goldberg: Writing down the bones; freeing the writer within
  • Natalie Goldberg: Wildmind; living the writers life
  • Joan Bolker; Writing your thesis in fifteen minutes a day

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