Projects and experience

Participative change, involving large groups of stakeholders

  • Policy development and implementation for establishing a culture of high quality education (University of applied sciences Inholland)
  • Collobaration for sustainable health care in a region (North- and Middle Limburg)
  • Engaging parents in school development, for a school administration with 24 primary schools (Salto)
  • Monitoring sessions for implementation of a policy for Flexible Working (RDW, a public service provider in the mobility chain)
  • Implementation of a new set terms of employment  (Waterboard De Dommel)
  • Vision development for a management organisation in the library sector (WOB)
  • Collaborating for recruitment of pupils with 60 primary public schools (POO Den Haag)
  • Strategy development with a group of consultants in religious identity (DKSR Identity consultants)
  • Vision and strategy development for an organisation in development and cooperation (SNV)

Training and professionalizing

  • Developing and providing my own practioner training Large Scale Interventions, for experienced consultants and managers; succesful for 10 years now
  • In company training  stakeholder participation and interaction (several gouvernmental organisations and companies )
  • Workshops working with Learning Histories,  see
  • Qualitative benchmarking projects for governmental organisations, for  exchange of knowledge and experience, based on an assessment of performance, to improve quality of policymaking and performance (10 local governments, 9 coordinating organisations, 26 water boards)
  • Training workshops working with Group Model Building, for managers and consultants (Boraconsult, Sioo BMC alumni, Akros)
  • Developing methods for professionalisation of  theatre executives (VSCD)
  • Start up of intervision process for a consultancy group  (Deloitte & Touche SME)
  • Training on the job for internal auditors of quality and environmental management systems (variety of organisation)
  • Training quality management for managers of a marketing organisation for fruit growers (Fruitmasters, in cooperation with Helicon)
  • Course integral quality management for managers (University of applied sciences Zeeland)

Consultancy and Research

  • Participation in research on employee vitality through participation in organisational development (TNO Behavioural and Social Sciences)
  • Evaluation of effectiveness of participative change with Large Scale Interventions, PhD research (Tilburg University)
  • Learning History about do’s and don’t in projects for implementation of new procedures (Department of Transportation)
  • Learning History of innovation processes in the Dutch Consultancy OrderDevelopment and implementation of systems for integral quality management (governmental organisations, admistration offices)
  • Paricipative inquiry for evaluation and development of environmental legislation for SME businesses (Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment)
  • Research on learning processes for innovation (Rijkswaterstaat)
  • Implementation of quality management for  environmental department (Provinces Noord-Brabant and Zeeland)
  • Multi client project ISO 9000 certification for 6 enterprises in the tree growin sector; partly collective, partly individual guidance
  • Assessment of management system for collaboration of local governments (BRU)

Lecturer and teacher

  • Keynote speaker and workshop leader on participative change methods on conferences and symposia ( e.g. AOM, SoL, IAF, Sioo, Ooa, FSN, BVMP, FNV, )
  • Presentor and workshop leader on the Logic of Feeling as concept for organisational development and sustainable change on conferences and symposia  (e.g. Sioo, Ooa)
  • Leader mastercircle participative change, guiding master students Management and Organisation Science (Tilburg University)
  • Visiting lecturer participative change methods in the course Organisational change, Consultancy and Evaluation (Tilburg University)
  • Visiting lecturer empowerment of whole systems, in the course Cross Cultural Management. Power and Empowerment (Danube University, Austria)

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Facilitating real time development of a vision and strategy with stakeholders

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Large Group conference Craftmanship and Mastery Inholland University of Applied Sciences

Practitioner training working with the principles of Large Scale Interventions for change and development

Group Model Building with school identity consultants; developing a shared understanding of the dynamics between targets, efficiency and professional values

In company training citizen participation with Large Scale Interventions, for officials of local governments

Qualitative research on success factors and effects of Large Scale Interventions

College docent
Lecturer participative change at Tilburg University

Workshop at the Learning Lane, a conference for consultants