Anticipating the future with the whole system: Co-creating new structures for collaboration

Presentation in 4 parts, from my international training workshop organised by the Österreichische Gesellschaft für Gruppendynamik und Organisationsberatung (ÖGGO),on 23-24 October 2014 in Vienna. In this presentation I develop connections between:

  • The principles of Large Scale Interventions, for successful working with the whole system of stakeholders
  • My research on effective use of Large Scale Interventions and Evidence Based Practice
  • The theory the Logic of Feeling, developed by Arnold Cornelis
  • Theory U of Otto Scharmer and the book ‘Leading from the emerging future, from Ego to Eco system economies’ (Otto Scharmer en Katrin Kaufer)
Concept for organisational change, based on the Logic of Feeling

Presentation of my concept for organisation development and sustainable organisational change, based on the Logic of Feeling of Arnold Cornelis.

Changing the world one meeting at a time. Participative change with the principles of Large Scale Interventions

Presentation from my workshop on LSI for the Society for Organisational Learning in Austria.

Evidence Based Consultancy

Presentation from my Professional Development Workshop at the Academy of Management Meeting 2012. How to involve both formal and informal stakeholders in processes for development or change. Research on success factors and effects of Large Scale Interventions.