Consultancy and Research

I developed a practical guide with an evaluation instrument for participative change processes. You can use this instrument to enhance effeciveness of interventions for change:

  1. Before the start: to assess the preconditions
  2. During the process: as guidelines for design and management
  3. Afterwards: to evaluate the effectiveness of the process

The instrument is one of the results of my six-year research project at Tilburg University. It is part of a practical guide for sustainable change with the whole system of stakeholders. Just as for medical treatments, this guide gives answers to questions as ‘When and how to use this? What are the success factors? What are effects on the short and longer term? The guide is based on evidence from theory and practice, it contributes to  the practice of Evidence Based Consultancy.

It is my opinion that ‘Walking on the two legs of academic knowledge and practical experience” has added value for both scientific theory and consultancy practice. That is why I became a member of the Scientific Councel of the Dutch Consultancy Order (Ooa) and I stept into the founding editorial board (als Deputy Chief Editor) of the international scientific journal Challenging Organisations and Society. reflective hybrids ®

Some reviews

“If there are more dilemmas of this work than the ones you have collected, I can’t imagine what they are. I believe that with the guide, and your interactive meetings, you have made a major contribution to the discussion of Large Group Interventions.” 
– Marvin Weisbord, founding father of Future Search, writer of the bestseller Productive Workplaces

“The work you are doing is very important to the field right now. It is moving us towards thinking whole again, thinking underlying principles and ways of being with the groups we work with rather than thinking methodologies! Your guide will be the provocateur to bring all our best to any work.” 
– Sylvia James, partner Dannemiller Tyson Associates and co-author of Whole-Scale Change, Berrett-Koehler 2000

“There is a lot of talk about how you measure the outcomes of Large Group Interventions and why there is so little research done. We want to establish common ground across methods.”
– Barbara Bunker, author of many books and articles books on Large Group Methods

Success factors and effects of Large Scale Interventions (LSI)

“Scientific understanding and practical experience are like two legs without which we cannot walk”

(Francisco Varela)