COS Conferences

Conferences of experiences, reflections and actions

The COS Conference was a hub for fresh ways of thinking, an opportunity for the exchange of innovative research and a space for co-creating visionary solutions within organisations, social profits and networks by exploring uncharted territory with the aim of benefiting society as a whole.

COS Conference 2019 A R T ificial intelligence: the Art of Intelligence – Backbone of Digitization? Nov. 15 – 17, Linz Austria

COS Conference 2017 Wisdom and uncertainty. What do we DO what we don’t know what to do? Oct. 18 – 22, Noordwijk, Netherlands

COS Conference 2016 Flow beyond systems. Delightful development of the self and of new systems through somatic intelligence, April 7 – 9, Venice, Italy

COS Conference 2014 Reflective hybrids walking on two legs. Theory & Pracice for mindful future development. Sept. 11 – 13, Venice, Italy