Method Exploring the Future

Workshop Exploring the Future

At the COS Conference 2019, we wanted to add the ‘heart’ to the central theme Artificial intelligence and digitization. We placed the focus on what makes us human and how we want to connect to the world (animals, plants, things, earth). In a collective storytelling and collective harvesting experience we explored intelligence in 2069, when we developed our full potential as human being. We created images of the future, inviting as many senses and capabilities as possible: pictures, music, smell, taste, dance, imagination, talking, play. The workshop created more awareness of the differences we make, from what perspectives we look at our world and at intelligence.

The workshop is based on principles of Participatory Action Research. See the pdf of the workshop design for the set-up and steps.

Flow of the workshop

Follow the flow of the workshop in this 1-minute video:

Videos with images of the future

The three videos with presentations of images of the future are available here:

Earth overshoot day in 2069, a tribunal for Mother Earth, humans and Artifical Intelligence:

How Artificial Intelligence will make life easier in 2069:

A normal day in 2069: