A R T ificial Intelligence:
The Art of Intelligence – Backbone  of Digitization? 

November 15 – 17, 2019 in Linz, Austria

About the conference

While recognizing digital transformation processes based on Artificial Intelligence reveal fundamental essentials about the structure of our world and the way we design our living as well as digital artefacts. Why not fuse digital and human-driven approaches to realize their collective creation capabilities? At the conference we were interested how ART raises awareness for this fusion and how we will find a dialogue along crossroads of disciplines. The envisioned learning journey has intensified reflective practice to become well versed in co-creating digital realities, taking into account structural and system(ic) particularities.
A learning journey with about 60 participants, getting closer to digital realities and how to handle them, at GRAND GARAGE®

What we did

(See the pdf of the program for details)

 Keynote speeches

  1. Johannes Braumann: Creative Robotics – Merging Robotics, AI and Craft Knowledge. 
  2. Claudia Schnugg: Art, Science and Technology – Creating Future Realities.
  3. Maria Spindler and Christian Stary: Embracing Artificial & Human Intelligences.

Learning Hubs

Learning Hubs were designed by JKU students to share interactively learning experiences in digital production. The following Learning Hubs were established:

  1. 3D Scan and Printing for Newbies
  2. Things for Better Living
  3. Intelligent Gardening
  4. Interactive Exploration Corner


  1. Tonnie van der Zouwen: HeArt Ificial intelligence. Exploring the future of intelligence. Read more
  2.  Stefan Doblhofer: Alexa, what should we do today? Organizational change and technology.
  3. Michael Schrefl: Beyond Business Analytics.
  4. Sepp Hochreiter: Deep Learning and Art.
  5. Thomas Grausgruber: Code free application development with Xooo.

Talking with experts

Talks with experts enable Q&A interaction with facilitators and makers in digital production:

  • Richard Heininger and Claudia Kaar, JKU: Making meets Education.
  • Andreas Haider, Bio-based Composite & Processes, Competence Center Wood GmbH.
  • Georg Weichhart, Production of the future, Profactor GmbH.
  • Harshitha Venkatakumar, IndustryNOW, Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt.
  • Josef Frysak, SICHTEN 4.0, Johannes Kepler University Linz.
  • Hannah Fehringer, Tangible Internet of Things, Johannes Kepler University Linz.

Art Stream

The Art Stream featured on-site reflection of participants’ activities at the conference while opening up space for creative exploration of socio-technical capabilties.

  1. Suzy Adra: Robots and Imagination.
  2. Shima Maya Beigi: Exploring the psycho-techno-eco-mystical interface of human-machine with Mindfulness Engineering.
  3. Paola Michela Mineo: Portraits of human lives.
  4. Andrea Schueller & Paola Michela Mineo: Fragments of the Future.

Research Stream

In the Research Stream findings and experiences in Artificial Intelligence, Arts, and beyond were shared and discussed from different perspectives. Six students from Avans University of Applied Sciences, Academy of management, in the Netherlands, have critically analyzed artificial intelligence (AI) as presented during the conference from a human perspective.

For details, see program pdf

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