Flow beyond Systems.
Delightful Development of the Self and of New Systems through Somatic Intelligence.

Venice, Italy, 7-9 April 2016


COS Conference Venice 2016

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“Flow beyond Systems” is understood as the creative force of new realities for organisations and society through each of us. The lively nexus between the worlds of organised systems and individual worlds is our main focus: Individual development faces challenges and in return poses challenges to organisations and society. Growing together, step by step, requires facilitating the interplay between individuals and existing organisations and new organisational realities that are waiting to be created.

The way we lead and organise ourselves in collectives is reflected by what organisations, larger social structures and ourselves as parts thereof have become. Freedom and structure do not pre-exist in organised communities but are relationally constructed in the common space to which its (more or less) equal members bring their uniqueness and create something of (more or less) lasting value such as an organisation or larger organised structures. Leadership is momentous for supporting development and meaningful creations beyond known forms.

Reaching beyond is neither a result of will power nor sheer mental excellence, nor can it be made to happen. Such an attempt tends to result in forms of mind-body splits, bringing forth unwelcome symptoms or rigid patterns or leading to a habitual recourse to “more-of-the-same” in the relation of the body and its organised, interactional environment, so that vicious circles turn into organisational and societal realities and become powerful limiting patterns. Changing these realities largely depends on our ability to intentionally bring somatic intelligence to the creation of new larger structures.

The conference offers cutting-edge methodology for bridging inner and outer worlds and serves as a co-creative space for development, transformation and inspiration. The participants engage in rich conversations, deepen relationships with like-minded colleagues, forge collaborative partnerships and have an opportunity to integrate and share insights and learning. We explore and apply methods attuned to the specific needs and challenges participants face in their organisations and social environment, aiming at opening up to fresh action.